Another Postponement For The Triple Murder Case!


Trial in the triple murder case in which 34-year-old Victor Gaoduelwe is accused for killing two sisters and a minor in Maun back in 2018 has been postponed to June next year after the defence lawyer called in sick.

This is the second time the case is being postponed due to illnesses, having initially supposed to commence last year, but was postponed after the accused person also filled a five days sick off.

Maun High Court Judge Bugalo Maripe concluded for the accused person to stand trial in June next year on a date yet to be confirmed noting that he has a fully booked schedule for the remaining months of 2023 and early 2024.

Gaoduelwe is facing three counts of murder which he allegedly committed on the 7th September 2018 at Matshwane Ward in Maun.

On the first count he allegedly murdered a 32-year-old Onkarabetse Kemothateng who was the mother of his two children while on the second one he allegedly murdered Onkarabetse’ sister, Kutlwano Kemothateng who at the time was aged 24 years. On the third count the accused person allegedly murdered Kebonye Kemothateng who was aged 1.

Facts presented before court are that Gaoduelwe and his deceased girlfriend had a misunderstanding after he accused her for having multiple partners while they were still in a relationship.

It is alleged that following the accusation the ZCC fellow, he then reportedly called the deceased persons to his house to offer them a church concoction (taela) claiming that he had a spiritual vision which emphasised he prepares it for them.

Allegations are that when the Kemothateng family arrived at the accused person’s place he reportedly told them that he had to perform the rituals on them separately. He is said to have then started by going to the nearby bush with his girlfriend Onkarabetse who was carrying Kebonye on her back.

Gaoduelwe is alleged to have then murdered Onkarabetse while she was carrying her 1-year-old niece and thereafter murdered the one-year-old while she was still tied to the deceased’s back.

The accused person is alleged to have then went back home and took Kutlwano to a different location few meter from where he committed the other offences and murdered her as well. The accused person who is out on bail will appear on a date yet to be set for status update and confirmation of trial dates.

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