10 Young Girls To Get Free Training With Karate Academy


myIn an effort to promote gender equality and develop Karate at grass root level, Delta Karate Academy will adopt 10 young girls aged between 7 and 13 in Maun and train them on self-defence and other karate related skills for free.  

According to the academy’s Instructor, Calvin Thuthuka, the decision was motivated by the low numbers of young girls participating in the sport countrywide compared to their male counterparts. He said the low numbers restricts the growth of the sport and also hinder promotion of gender equality.

Thuthuka stressed that the adoption of young girls for training will help equip them with different skills that they could use to protect themselves against gender based violence. He added that equipping them with the skills at a young age will also benefit them in the future and make them responsible members of the community as the sport itself instils discipline.

“Self-defence training does not only help to protect yourself, the training helps you to become physically and emotionally fit, having the ability to defend yourself increases your self-esteem and boosts your confidence,” he said.

Thuthuka revealed that they have already registered four children and he is hopeful that the number will increase to the set target. He stated that the training schedule is also aligned in a way that will allow the children to have some more time to pursue their academic work.

The academy has since engaged some schools in Maun where they expect to draw the ten young girls. He further said they have encountered a challenge where some parents do not want their children to get involved.

This has led to an engagement with parents where they urge them to allow their children to take part since the sport boosts academic performance and has the potential to turn them into professional Karatekas.


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